A UAV is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle popularly known as Drone. These multi-rotor drones are operated via a transmitter remote control. Due to the compact size & improved technology, they are far more maneuverable and safe than manned aircraft and can get within 10 feet of the subject matter.

Our UAVs can be flown at a height of more than 100 feet & a radius of 2km from the Base Station. However, as a safety protocol, we manually limit the flight height as per the law requirement & location of the shoot. With respect to radius, we fly in such a way that the UAV is in the (VLOS) visual line of sight of the Pilot in command.

Each battery pack can fly for approximately 25 minutes depending on the altitude & distance from the ground station. Our UAVs have pre-built safety features which automatically sets a ‘return to home’ point, where the UAV returns back to the launch site after the battery reaches a certain level depending upon the height and distance from launch site.

Our drones come with special cinematic cameras with 4k sensors which enable us to shoot at 4k resolution & capture super-resolution images. These cameras do not record sound due to the noisy rotors.

We are flexible in terms of non-aerial coverage too. We have cameras with different lens profiles which can be used for various purposes & cinematography. We operate with various professional equipment that helps us capture the best & the most stable footages. We also have our in-house editing service so that we can provide you a complete video solution.

A panorama is any wide-angle view or representation of a physical space, whether in painting, drawing, photography, film, seismic images or a three-dimensional model. As the name suggests, a 360 degree panorama covers 360 degrees from all directions. In such an image, one can view the front, rear, sides, top as well as bottom of an area as if the viewer is virtually present at that spot. We offer 360 panoramas of 3 types – Aerial, Ground & Interior. A virtual tour is a set of panoramas which are linked to each other via pointers within the panorama, by clicking which, the user can switch from one location to the other like a tour.

We provide you the HTML data as well as the raw images for the panorama which can be uploaded onto your website. We also provide the high res jpeg file of the panorama which can be viewed in a panorama viewing software.

Land mapping is using UAVs to scan the land profile using high quality imagery. This enables us to provide a truck load of data such as ground co-ordinates, map profile, elevation data, 3D models, contour lines & may more. The data can be viewed or analyzed on various mapping software. This data is CAD ready.

The time taken to process & deliver the final product depends on the kind of service:
Aerial Photography: 1-2 days depending if post processing is required
Aerial Cinematography: On the spot data delivery if no post processing required; 1-2 weeks depending on the kind of video to be produced.
Aerial/Ground/Interior Panoramas with virtual tour: 1 day – 2 weeks depending on the number of panoramas
Land Mapping: 1-2 Weeks depending on the area of land surveyed
Complete video production: 3-4 weeks including pre, post production & production.

We are based in Mumbai & we shoot all over India.