Aerial Filming

We fly using an aerial camera platform which is state of the art, providing ultra smooth, full Ultra-HD 4K film with multi-piloted camera gimbal system.

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Aerial Inspection

We offer high resolution images or high definition videos of the most inaccessible structures. You can even monitor the footage live on HD.

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Aerial Photography

We offer professional quality aerial photography services to clients in Mumbai, Pune & all over in India. Our service is prompt, personal and professional.

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360 Panorama

Aerialair provides very high quality full-screen aerial & interior 360 degree virtual tours & panorama with VR (Google Glass/Oculus) compatibility.

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GIS Mapping & Survey

Our 3D aerial surveys are a great way to check a site or location for planning purposes or even as a site progress report.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality transports you into a fully immersive virtual world where absolutely anything is possible, giving them a real out-of-this-world brand experience.

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