Aerial Filming

Technological advances in both video camera equipment and RC (remote control) equipment allow AerialAir to capture cinema quality, full motion imagery. Using state or the art equipment we are able to go where zip lines, cables, camera booms are not, still retaining the integrity of the shot by capturing complicated and challenging footage. Conversely, to previous methods of filmmaking, our set-up and take-down time is quick and efficient. All our projects were met with a great satisfaction among our customers.

Film & TV

Having worked with production companies in the past, Aerialair understands the importance & significance of aerial shots in films. We are highly flexible & work hand-in-hand with directors enabling them to get the most out of aerial filming.

Our Aerial Filming Process


The first crucial step in Aerial Filming with Aerialair is a proper, descriptive brief. We would love to know more about you & your requirements. We at Aerialair always urge to meet the client & have a face to face conversation so that the brief is crystal clear. If the brief is clear, the end result will be more than satisfactory.
After the brief is set in place, either the budget is finalized or a recce is conducted if required.


Recce is a crucial part of pre-production where Team Aerialair inspects the site or the location in which aerial imaging needs to be done. Post recce, a script is prepared & shared for approval from the client.
50% of the payment to be made during pre-production.


The production phase of aerial filming is nothing but the actual aerial shoot. The necessary aerial shots are captured based on the brief & the script agreed upon.

Post Production

Post Production in Aerial Filming is the phase where Team Aerialair uses its software wizardry and converts the raw footage to a proper feature film with color correction & music. It basically is the process of converting the raw material into a usable finished product for the client, based on the brief.

Data Delivery

This is the final phase of the Aerial Filming project where Team Aerialair will deliver the finished final product to the client.
The balance 50% payment to be made during Data Delivery.

Business Promotion & Commercial Films

Aerialair specializes in producing professional corporate films & business promotional videos. We not only offer aerial filming, but also ground filming as a package for a complete Promotional Video. These videos can be used for corporate presentations as well as marketing and commercial purposes.

Event coverage

Give an aerial perspective to your events, big or small. With state of the art equipment, it is possible for Aerialair to stream aerial coverage of events to the ground stations providing live feed on large screens.

Real Estate Filming

In today’s competitive real estate industry, the need for unique and captivating content is important. Buyers want to learn about the area surrounding their property as much as they want to learn about the property itself.

Aerial filming can sell lifestyle in a way that static images can’t and can be an important aspect for buyers working hard to find the best lifestyle for their budget. For properties with significant tree cover, video makes it much easier for someone to understand the layout of the property. With the rise of video popularity through mediums such as YouTube, high quality aerial video tours are becoming very popular.

Aerialair is the leader in real estate aerial photography and aerial video in India.