Drone Inspection

Aerialair provides Drone/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) services to both industry and government, covering a wide and varied range of tasks such as UAV inspection and survey, crisis management, radio tower, telecommunications links, industrial building, quarry, wind turbine, chimney, manufacturing works, bridge, rock face or other piece of infrastructure, and also deploy rapid reaction response teams to deal with emergencies and capable to reach places that are difficult, expensive, dangerous, ‘live’ or even impossible to approach by manned inspection teams.

Aerial inspection of wind turbines in India

Using our Drones, we can send cameras up to inspect various buildings including wind turbines. This method of inspection is extremely cost effective. In addition we can do pre-build inspections of proposed wind turbine sites or indeed any other sort of building.


The first step in Aerial Inspection is Briefing where the team is briefed with respect to what needs to be inspected. All details like the components of machinery, areas of large structures, tight corners etc, that need to be captured, needs to be briefed to the team.


It is best to have a recce done in place once the briefing has been completed. Post briefing the team will go on-site and have a visual inspection of the premises and the components that needs to be inspected. It is best to have a recce done since we know our equipment best, and a recce could help identify any kind of threats that could hamper the inspection.

Aerial Inspection

Once the recce is done, we can proceed with the aerial inspection. UAVs are flown to access and capture images/videos of the components that need to be inspected.

Data Delivery

Data can be delivered on the spot or post 1 working day.

Industrial UAV Inspection & Survey

Our inspection services are performed as regular, calamity or per-maintenance inspections in for instance the on and offshore wind energy and oil & gas industry. Also in many other industries we inspect installations, buildings, chimneys, telecommunication. Giving you the ability to view, analyze, annotate and share your data online with your clients and colleagues.

Why choose Aerial Inspection?

Aerial inspection is the safest & most economical way to inspect various industrial components. Our UAVs can go where no man can go, enabling a wider scope of inspection. Having such inspection done by human personnel would pose to be dangerous & can also risk the loss of life which is totally eliminated in the case of Aerial Inspection. This makes it possible to have more frequent inspections done, ensuring that the components being inspected are always in good shape & our clients are 1 step ahead of any maintenance related disaster.

Construction Progress Report

By utilizing aerialair drones (UAVs), we can help you affordably track the progress of your projects so you can update yours clients with stunning quality aerial photos and HD videos. Team Aerialair can inspect hazardous and difficult to access locations and structures. We have a really good experience flying in the factories & industries, day or night. We can operate without causing disruption to your operation ultimately saving you time and money.