Aerial Survey & Mapping

Aerialair provides an effective drone mapping system to capture and process photogrammetric data for mining, construction, agriculture and infrastructure projects using the most advance drone currently available in Mumbai, India. Our design software ensures a cost efficient and time saving solution for rapidly mapping and changes in mining, construction, agriculture and infrastructure applications.

Aerial Mapping Benefits

A large number of industries, corporate companies and agriculture fields in India are beginning to realize the benefits of aerial mapping and post processing.

Compared to traditional methods of mapping, Aerial 3D mapping is more convenient, faster, economical & accurate. Large areas of land can be mapped in matter of few hours with the data delivered within 24-48 hours with detailed rendering.

Our Aerial Mapping Steps


The first crucial step in Aerial mapping with Aerialair is a proper, descriptive brief. We would love to know more about you & your requirements. We at Aerialair always urge to meet the client & have a face to face conversation so that the brief is crystal clear. If the brief is clear, the end result will be more than satisfactory.
After the brief is set in place, either the budget is finalized or a recce is conducted if required.

Ground Control

High accuracy mapping grade GPS systems are used to create visual reference points on the ground. Ground control points help in post processing to identify exact points within the images to ensure that the data is truly survey grade

Data Collection Flights

The aircraft is programmed with a flight plan to fly a grid over the subject area. We then launch the aircraft and it automatically flies the grid, snapping photos as it reaches pre-programmed waypoints.

Post Flight Processing

After the flight is complete, we load the data from the mapping drone into our software to verify it’s quality before we leave the site. Once we have data that meets our quality standards & accuracy, we go back to our office to process the data.

Final Product

Our post processed data provide positive value to your business by extracting better data from your images that are compatible with the majority of industry leading GIS software programs. We can digitise anything and produce outputs to all common GIS and CAD packages

Available Outputs

  • 3D surface data
  • Orthomosaic GeoTIFF (Geo-referenced)
  • DSM (Digital Surface Model)
  • DTM (Digital Terrain Model)
  • DEM (Digital Elevation Model)
  • Point Clouds
  • Volume, Distance & Area Measurements
  • Reports in MS EXCEL & AutoCAD
  • Contour lines
  • Multispectral and RGB Data

Reasons to choose Aerialair

Aerialair provides a complete aerial survey and aerial mapping solution. Based in Mumbai – India, We use cutting-edge drone technology & most stable processing software which carries out aerial surveys to collect topographical data and imagery that is only possible from the air. From the resulting output we can provide you with precise Geo-referenced data and 3D mesh imagery.

This 3D mapping data is CAD-ready and can be opened via various CAD softwares which enables you to plan your project conveniently.

Post Processing Services

We provide a unique range of Remote Sensing and GIS post processing services, typically derived from RGB UAS imagery. We can process nearly all types of imagery, even in many cases when georeferencing information is missing. Sources of georeferencing can include onboard camera GPS, flight controller GPS, GCPs, or existing georectified ortho-imagery. We are able to produce output data that can be used in any standard geographic information system. Aerialair does not outsource any processing, all the data is processed internally which gives us full control over the accuracy standards and delivery times.

Sample 3D Model by our team