Project Description

Client: Rainbow International School
Location: Thane
Service: Promo Ad Film

Rainbow International School is on of the fastest growing educational institutions based out of Thane. The school offers quality education with the help of carefully selected staff. Equipped with all kinds of modern gizmos like e-learning, laptops, tablets, modern science lab, the school is state-of-the-art & at the same time sticks to its roots by educating students about farming, botany & other avenues. They also inculcate the habit of savings with the help of an in-house bank & post office.

The school has separate playgrounds for different sports where the students are guided by professional coaches. The school also has a swimming pool & teaches the students horse-riding.

Apart from this, the school also offers a unique storage facility thus, reducing the bag-weight for its students. Equipped with CCTV cameras, well trained security guards, its own infirmary & ambulance, GPS tracking enabled school busses, the school is one of the safest schools as per most parents.