Client: THSTI
Location: Faridabad, India
Service Offered: Complete High Accuracy Aerial GIS Survey.
Outputs: AutoCAD Contours, DTM – Filtered, DSM, 3D Mesh, GCP Points.

Translational Health Science & Technology Institute is a Biotechnology Institute based out of Faridabad. The institute is under the process of expansion from its current 40 acre setup to a huge 400 acre campus. The campus will include much of the surrounding areas which is currently occupied by thorny Babul vegetation.
We helped our architecture firm client Studio Lotus, with the Aerial Survey of the land which has been allotted to THSTI enabling them to use the relevant data to plan & design the expansion. Navigating through the thorny forests, we successfully acquired the raw data along with multiple GCP markings in a single day ensuring faster and efficient data delivery.